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Timing and Record Console

    The Record Group uses standard equipment to meet ARIA requirements for data, storage, monitoring, and playback. The primary components of the group are two wideband magnetic tape records, each capable of recording 14 tracks of data on 9200-foot reels. At 120 inches per second, the units offer 15 minutes of recording time with a bandwidth of 5khz to 1.5 Mhz in the direct record mode and DC to 500 Khz in the FM record mode. Separate tape tracks are used for each channel of telemetry data. However, timing codes, received signal strengths, voice communications, and other low-frequency signals are all multiplexed before recording to conserve tape space.

    The Timing Subsystem is a central timing facility for the ARIA electron system. Its primary function is to generate time codes and precision pulse repetition rates, which are recorded with the data to allow for time correlation in interpreting vehicle events when the tapes are processed. Also, the sub-system provides each equipment operator with displays of Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and mission countdown/elapsed time. Using an atomic frequency standard as the primary signal source, the system is capable of providing accuracy of plus or minus five milliseconds when referenced to the National Bureau of Standards timing broadcasts on HF radio (WWV or WWVH) or better than one microsecond referenced to and external synchronization source.  

Source: NASA
Edited By: Randy L. Losey