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Aircraft 61-2664

    The United States Air Force aircraft 61-2664 was a Boeing C-135B TRIA, Telemetry Range Instrumentation Aircraft, before an RC-135S conversion.

    The most noticeable feature of the TRIA aircraft was the large radome mounted on the front of the plane. The TRIA shared this style radome with the A/RIA, Apollo Range Instrumentation Aircraft. Inside of the T/RIA's radome were two drum style antennas along with the aircraft radar. Inside the aircraft were an antenna operations panel and equipment racks for the RF equipment. This equipment was removed from the C-130 tracking aircraft and installed into the TRIA aircraft. 61-2664 was converted to an RC-135S aircraft and was used as a United States airborne intelligence platform Cobra Ball II. 61-2664 crashed on March 15, 1981, at Shemya Air Force Base Alaska on approach. There were 24 occupants of the aircraft, and the resultant crash killed 6.

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Staff Sergeant Steven C. Balcer
Major William R. Bennett
First Lieutenant Loren O. Ginter
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