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Apollo/Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft
The Beginning The National Aeronautics and Space Administration required a platform to provide tracking and telemetry to fulfill the Apollo Program requirements in remote locations across the world. In 1966 the Apollo Range Instrumentation Aircraft program was born. After Project Apollo The newly designated Advanced Range Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft program was tasked to fulfill a vast array of Department of Defense requirements. The Price On May 6, 1981, the Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft 61-0328 departed from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on a training mission; it was to be the last flight. The aircraft crashed at Walkersville, Maryland, 21 souls on board. The Heritage The dawn of a new millennium ended the Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft program. ARIA played an important role in the United States defense program. Before it would end, ARIA would touch the hearts of all that served in the program supporting the United States of America and other countries around the world.